Belt large size genuine leather

Belt large size genuine leather

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Since 1995, we have offered a wide range of large size belts up to 130 cm. In full grain leather, smooth or crocodile imitation, ostrich or lizard.
And as in our Paris store we offer free size adjustment.

Nothing can exceed the beauty of a genuine leather belt. The scent that emerges, the unmatched look, and the patina that it develops over time. The leathers of our belts are carefully selected by our Italian tanner.

Whether you are classic or trendy, accessorize your outfit with a belt. This accessory is essential to stylize or perfect a look.

- Rather classic? Prefer single buckle leather belts. - Rather fashion? On jeans, choose a beautiful belt or a metal toe belt to accentuate your raw, rock-roll, or adventurous side. - With a chinos, let go and dare, a braided or colored belt.

And don't forget, match the color of your belt to that of your shoes