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Woman's Leather belt

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Formal or casual, the nubuck belt is as popular with men as it is with women.

A nubuck belt can be worn on all occasions

The belt is an essential accessory in a woman's wardrobe; essential to finalize her outfit. Both practical and design, it is infinitely available to offer you the possibility of creating new modern looks.

Ladies, who, unlike men, know that belts are an accessory for emphasizing the silhouette, come and discover our selection of belts in cowhide, ostrich, lizard or crocodile skin.

- with a width of 30 mm for your tailors or the most dressed pants
- with a width of 35 mm for their versatility, as comfortable on jeans as on a dressy outfit /> - 40 mm wide for everyday wear, ideal for jeans and wide-leg pants or worn in a tunic.

And for all styles from chic to pop to casual…