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Our concept

Our concept

PIRAMIDE-CEINTURES is a French family business specialized in the making of belts for men and women.
Our concept is based on a quality price and competitive standpoint.

All leathers are selected by us and comes from Italian and French manufacturing.
Our team is able to advise you according to your needs and demands.
We offer a wide range of large belts, brand belts and tailor-made.

Our store is located at 41 rue Meslay 75003 Paris - FRANCE which offers more than 500 different models. We are also able to offer you wholesale.


Style of our leather belts

Formal leather belt

The formal belt is solid color, thin in width between 25 and 35 mm.
The formal belt is worn with a suit and it is forgotten so as not to attract attention. Discreet on a dark suit and contrasting on a colorful outfit.
For maximum elegance and discretion, it is recommended to match the color of your belt with the color of your shoes.

Jeans leather belt

The jeans belt is made of leather and fills the space for the loops at the waist of your jeans.
It is 45 mm wide and can also be worn on "workwear" chino models.

Belt's buckle

For suits: choose a buckle that is as discreet as possible, not very exuberant. The buckle is discreet and can be chosen according to the accessories, and in particular jewelry or cufflinks.
You can match the color of your belt buckle to the color of your cufflinks, your clip tie or watch strap.

“Casual” leather belt

For other occasions, where a suit is not necessary, wear a casual belt. 35 mm wide or more, it breaks the elegance of suit trousers.
The casual belt is worn with jeans, chinos and again it also matches the color of the shoes.
Avoid excessive contrasts such as a light colored belt on a dark outfit and vice versa...

Braided leather belt

An alternative to the jeans or casual belt is the braided leather belt. They are also more authentic than "cowboy" models and less basic than a formal belt.
It is to be avoided with a suit.

Belt width

With suit trousers and to be elegant and discreet, opt for a fairly thin model between 25 and 35 mm wide for a formal outfit.
For a more casual outfit, jeans or chinos will more easily accept a belt. 40 or even 50 mm wide.

Know-how of our tanners

Know-how of our tanners

Full grain leather belt

The upper surface of the skin allows the production of full grain leather retaining the natural grain without sanding it. It is in this part that the fibers are the densest, giving the leather the following properties: elasticity, flexibility, resistance, longevity, softness and a beautiful patina over time.
It is unsanded, naturally flawless. This is the finest quality of leather.
A rectified full-grain leather has been lightly sanded to smooth out any flaws.

Split leather belt

The lower surface of the skin makes it possible to obtain what is called the leather crust. It is obtained by splitting the thick layers into two sheets. A coating will give it the appearance of smooth leather. A split leather gives a less flexible and less resistant product.

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As a real piece of leather goods, the leather belt brings a real fashion dimension. To be worn with a suit it can be thin with a width of about 3cm and to be worn with jeans it will on the contrary be 4 to 5 cm wide. In order to adapt to your style or everyday look, it is therefore interesting to have several belts in your dressing room.

In our blog you will find advice to help you in your choices.

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