Genuine leather belt

Genuine leather belt

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Piramide Cowhide leather belt in Ostrich presentation selected by our Italian tannery. Several colors available.

Belt width 35mm and large belts * available for this model.

€39.00 Price

Both formal and casual, the suede belt accompanies the modern and active man,

A suede belt offers more eccentricity than a smooth or so-called "classic" belt and thus allows a greater diversity of colors. As well in the city as in the office, it enhances your outfit

€39.00 Price

Formal or casual, the nubuck belt is as popular with men as it is with women.

A nubuck belt can be worn on all occasions

Why do we choose the leather for our belts very seriously?

In fact, many of our fellow citizens consider the belt to be used to hold his pants on his hips ... although this is one of these functions; a belt actually serves to support and express elegance while defining our silhouette.

Just take the time to remember that the great fashion designers very regularly bring a touch of elegance to their creation with a belt and that women know that a belt has a real impact on their silhouette.

This is why we take the greatest care in the selection of leathers that make our belts.
Indeed for us nothing can match the beauty, durability, style, smell and patina of a genuine leather belt.