How to choose your belt and match it according to your outfit?

How to choose your belt and match it according to your outfit?

The belt is the accessory that brings a personal touch to your outfit and makes it stand out at the office, on the street or at weekends.

The belt allows the man to express his elegance ...

Elegance is expressed and recognized in the slightest detail.

In the first conclusion, the art of dressing with refinement for a man uses the basic rule of chords: harmonize the color of the leather of the belt to that of the leather of his shoes.

When you choose your belt, think and measure.

For that, pay attention to the following 4 points:

1- The color

As indicated above, the choice of the color of the belt is made according to the color of the shoes: one thus creates a reminder between the elements of the dress with discretion, and then possibly one accompany is chosen by the color of the jacket and trousers.

  • A dress belt is usually at least as dark as the costume.
  • The greater the contrast between a belt and jeans, the more casual the result is. The casual look offers more freedom: the opportunity to bring a touch of unexpected
  • The choice of a dress belt makes the transition from the trouser to the coat look good.

Some examples of agreement Belt / Shoe (click on image to enlarge):

Black leather belt and black leather shoe Plum leather belt and plum leather shoe Camel leather belt and camel leather shoe
Black ostrich imitation leather belt and black imitation ostrich leather shoe Gray leather belt and gray leather shoe Braided black leather belt and braided black leather shoe

2- The size

The length is also important: the length of a belt will have a neglected look if it is too long.

Ideally, the barb (metal rod entering the hole in the belt) should go through the 3 th hole when your belt is closed. Most belts have 5 holes, rendering is more harmonious when the loop stops on the middle hole.

The size of a belt is the length of your waist and is measured from the inside edge of the buckle to the 3 th hole of the belt.

Belt Size

Finally, the belt should not protrude after the loop the second passing of your pants.

Based on our experience and because of the long service life of our products we recommend our customers to buy their belt with a size adjustment at the 4th hole. If your weight increases you can use it in the 3 th hole and if your weight decreases you can reduce it. In both cases you will enjoy your belt longer.

If you want a setting at the 4 th hole do not hesitate to tell us when ordering.

3- The loop

For the costumes: choose a loop as discreet as possible, little exuberant. The loop is discreet and is chosen according to accessories, including jewelry or cufflinks.

You can match the color of your belt buckle to the color of a ring or watch or cufflinks.

4- The width

For a formal outfit (suit pants), choose a rather fine model between 30 and 35 mm which will be more discreet.

For a more casual outfit, jeans or chino will more easily accept a belt of 40 or even 50 mm wide.