Some definitions around the belt

Some definitions around the belt

Belt :

A belt is a strip of fabric or leather positioned around the waist to hold an item of clothing or used as a fashion accessory.
It can be attached by various means:
    - when it is provided with perforations or notches:
        - by a buckle with tang.
        - by a box fitted with a pin,
    - by an automatic closing system present in the lining of the belt.

Most pants or skirts have loops (fabric inserts placed all around the waist) to accommodate a belt.
But it is also possible to wear a belt directly over a dress without belt loops for highlight its silhouette.

A belt with notches generally have 5 and a belt is said to your size if it is closed to the third notch (the one in the middle) without leaving any marks.

Finally, a belt is worn between the bust and the hips.

Ardillon :

Metal point articulated on a loop which, by penetrating a perforation of a strap, allows it to be buckled.


Loop (pants or skirt) :

Yoke of fabrics arranged all around the waist

Reminder of some tips :

The main accessory of the male wardrobe is the belt.

Although his original function is to hold his pants; as with women, men have finally understood that a belt brings a real fashion dimension.

It is therefore an accessory that is both practical and aesthetic; the belt plays a big role in matching accessories to your outfit.

For a formal style, we remind you, it is necessary to match its color with that of its belts.
For a more casual style, the trend is more and more towards the mismatched for certain outfits and for an outfit original, do not hesitate to use the color or the patterns for your belt.

On a suit, it can be thin with a width of 30mm or 35mm and on jeans, on the contrary, 40 to 50mm wider.

More resistant, choose a genuine leather belt and do not hesitate to have several belts in your dressing room to be able to adapt your style and your look of the day.