How to choose your belt width?

How to choose your belt width?

There is general agreement that for a formal occasion, worn with dress pants or a suit for women, a belt should be between 2.5 and 3.5 cm in width. A size larger would make it too visually imposing compared to the elegance of the pants or suit that one is wearing.

Conversely, you have to be aware that it must still be visible and that a belt that is too thin would make it look scruffy.

3.0 CM leather belt

For a formal occasion like a wedding, ideal over dress pants or for women over dressy suits or pants.

In leather, it offers a touch of elegance through its finesse.

Taille ceinture 30 cm

3.5 CM leather belt

Versatility is the word that best defines this belt width.

She is as comfortable with jeans and chinos as she is with dress pants. A real Swiss army knife :-). This versatility provides a belt for work or any other occasion!

Taille ceinture 35 cm

4.0 CM leather belt

A classic for men. For the casual casual look, the ideal belt width for Jeans and Chinos. It's the everyday belt!

Its width does not allow it to pass through the passers-by of suit trousers.

Taille ceinture 40 cm

5.0 CM leather belt

For elegant women; ideal to be worn over a shirt, tunic, dress or coat.

Taille ceinture 50 cm