Big size brown suede leather belt - golden buckle

Cowhide suede belt big size

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Both formal and casual, the suede belt accompanies the modern and active man,

A suede belt offers more eccentricity than a smooth or so-called "classic" belt and thus allows a greater diversity of colors. As well in the city as in the office, it enhances your outfit

Belt size

Warning, the size of a belt does not correspond to its total length, but to the distance between the inner edge of the loop and the 3rd hole.

size of a belt

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We promise children, we did no harm to Bambi ...

The term "deer" used in leather goods is an approximation of language. The "suede" in leather goods is made from full grain cowhide, the underside (flesh side) has been brushed to give it a velvety finish or velvet appearance.

This process and the choice of full grain leather makes it possible to obtain a leather which is at the same time resistant, thin and flexible.

Full-grain leather corresponds to the first layer of the skin, it is the most noble part , stronger and softer. (Full grain leather or split leather: what difference in the end? )
Possibility of size adjustment on request (consult our page to take your measurements) Attention the products put at the size do are neither taken back nor exchanged.

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Daim GT Daim GT

Data sheet

Cowhide crust
Nickel or golden
35 mm
Belt size
115 / 120 / 125 / 130 cm